Fri. Apr 19th, 2024

Dear Peacemakers:


Today, as we memorialize the deaths of nearly three thousand innocent and patriotic public servants and other individuals from close to one hundred nations, we must also be mindful of other nations who endured even worst tragedies on a daily bases. It is therefore our collective and moral responsibilities to end all conflicts, globally. We are all a family that must learn to love each other and to peacefully coexist.  We must reject all elements of division and hate. We must do unto others as we would want others do unto us. We must be our brothers and sisters keepers. We must build a future together where all creation live and thrive without fear, oppression or violations.  We must all strive for a universal peace and harmony. We must be grateful for life and the marvelously diverse universe of ours.  Finally, we must never, ever forget the victims of conflicts such as 9/11 and determined to eliminate all conflicts. Long Live Peaceful Coexistence Among All, man, animal and the environment!


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