Sat. Jul 13th, 2024

New York: Another Bangladeshi female, Khanam Najma (60), were killed last night in New York. The murder took place on August 31, Wednesday night around 9 pm local time in New York City in Queens, Jamaica hillside area within 2 blocks from the victim’s residence at 160-12 Hillside Avenue. Najma Khanum was attacked while returning home from work. She was walking in front of her husband. When her husband was at distance, he heard Nazma screaming, “They are killing me, save-save “. Her husband thought that his wife may have been robbed. But he immediately came to see her blood rolling down from the chest. The police came quickly and brought her to the nearest hospital emergency department in Jamaica, but after while doctors declared him dead. He was stabbed in the chest, doctors said.

Mohammad Kabir, a member of the New York Association of Muslim Police Officers, who is nephew of Najma Khanam, informed that police are out in search of the criminal. Najma Khanum left 3 children. On August 13, There were 2 Islamic scholars shot dead near this area in Ozone Park, Bangladeshi Imam Maulana Alauddin Akanji (55) and his companion Tara Mia (64). Oscar Morelle (35) has been arrested for the murder of Muslim scholars.
Mohammed Rahman, another nephew of Nazma, said ” She was walking with Muslim attire. The rogue took nothing from her. “
Note that the killing of 2 scholars already fueled Bangladeshi born Americans’ with outrageous dissatisfaction. The police is not willing to accept these murders as hate crime. American Muslims are are demanding appropriate steps to protect the basic rights.
17 days after the murder of 2 Muslim priests for no reason other Bangladeshi have become afraid. There are millions of Bangladeshis living in Queens. Bangladeshis have proved themselves in different areas of community work and improvement in New York. “As yet, none of ambush attacks on this community shows respect to diversity,” said Akbar Hossain, a community leader living for 15 years in Jamaica. He said, “I thought, this area would be our safe home. But some recent events turn this hope to a nightmare and make New York entirely unfamiliar area.” Call 1-800-577-8477 if you know anything about this murder.


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