Sat. Jul 13th, 2024

For those of you who are wondering why I am so stubborn in pushing for public safety and peaceful coexistence, the answer is 9/11.  On that day when I saw my fellow New Yorkers preferring to jump over hundred floors to their deaths escaping life cremations at the World Trade Center Towers, I had completely and without any reservations decided that I wouldn’t share this world with anyone capable of committing such heinous acts with silence.  I will never, ever do it.  You mustn’t either!

My commitment to public safety however comes from personal experiences. I have been a victim of gun, knife and felonious physical assault victim, which reaffirmed my belief that life and death are in the hand of God alone. Certainly, these personal life and death experiences could’ve caused me to be vindictive, bitter and to only mind my affairs, not a chance.  These experiences only added fuel to my raging desires of preventing violent crimes that are decimating my community and denying my people all of their human potentials. I refuse to yield to evil!

Furthermore, I just came back a few minutes ago from my weekly hospital volunteers where I met and prayed with mostly young men in wheelchairs who have been crippled for life by street violence, and some older folks with physical and mental disabilities from the crack epidemic of recent past.  These, not self-centered interests, are what activate me during the day and keep me up at night.

In today’s world of nuclear, chemical and biological weapons competitions, the peaceful majority can no longer be passive. There won’t be world war 4, because life, as we know it, may be erased by a World War iii.  I can’t contribute much but it is one hundred percent of what I have.



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