Fri. Jul 19th, 2024



A lot will be said hereon now by all sides of the historic ‘Brexit’ vote just taken place yesterday in Great Britain.

As a Muslim African immigrant residing in the West and who, like anyone else, have watched Britons participated as patriotic citizens in one of the most important decisions concerning their nation’s future without military force activated and without judicial or executive branch interference of the outcome, reinforces the Western nations entitlements to all progress they have made in all human affairs.

In addition, listening to Great Britain’s brief concession remark a few moments ago, must make all Western Nations’ compatriots proud of their equality before the law, regardless of socio-economic positions, heritage or political rankings.  Therefore I only wish in the near future, that all African and Muslim nations would guarantee similar equality of citizenship for all their patriots without preferential treatment to any citizen. When nobody would be above or under the law.

In the Western world, political leaders compete for the betterment of their nations and would give their lives for this commitment, win or lose aside. Long Live Democracy. Long Live Civilization. Long Live Self Determination. Long Live Civic Participation.


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