Fri. Jul 19th, 2024

Dear Peacemakers:


The time has now arrived for us to take our humanity the seriousness that it has long been missing.

The level of frequent atrocities being committed against our fellows without any feeling of regret has completely render us savages. It is time to take active leadership roles in preventing this status quo from becoming the accepted norms of our existence. Our limited times on this earth must be spent in services, protection and advancement of all creation not its utter destruction.

Please permit me, if you will, to single out Mr. Donnie Rivers (K-Born) of #iammycommunity for his leadership in public safety and the protection of our children’s future in the Bronx. We can and must all join his ‘I am my brothers/sisters keepers’ attitude. We do not need to be paid or admired to take personal responsibilities in making all our neighborhoods places to comfortably live, raise successful families and manage prosperous enterprises.

Furthermore, if you’re only part of the reactionary crowd in your neighborhoods you’re the problems. Because violent crimes aren’t inevitable. They’re committed by the same folks we know well, love deeply, and live with. Criminals are the same reactionary folks who are the most vocal and visible anti law enforcement individuals in their communities, for very good reasons however. Police aren’t the problem, violent criminals we provide shelters for are. Without the police most families would quickly move out of their neighborhoods while they can. Thank you and God bless! #iammycommunity #thepeacecounty #cppo #peacedecember


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