Fri. Jul 19th, 2024


Washington, DC – The National Black Church Initiative (NBCI), a faith-based coalition of 34,000 churches comprised of 15 denominations and 15.7 million African Americans strongly decries the vigorous defense of the North Carolina law HB2 with the lackluster and complete ignoring of the cries from the African American community concerning the death of young black males by racist murderous white cops. The President has not said a word since the uncommitted one-lined comment about Trayvon Martin’s death. This administration remains frightened, tone dead and hostile towards the African American community when we seek justice for our children.

To date, the Department of Justice has not brought any Civil Rights violations against any white officer who has shot an African American youth under suspicious circumstances…to date.  There have been no Civil Rights violation investigations on Trayvon Martin, Michael Brown Jr., Eric Garner, Lacquan McDonald, Ernest Satterwhite, Rekia Boyd, Kathryn Johnston, John Crawford III, Aiyana Stanley-Jones, Tamir Rice, Ezell Ford, Akai Gurley and the countless others who are systematically gunned down by cops across this country without any fair review by our Justice Department. Where is the Attorney General Loretta Lynch holding a news conference for these African Americans?  Where is the Civil Rights Division at?

But when it comes to the gay community, and with matters less than two weeks in the passage of HB2, the Attorney General Loretta Lynch, and the Head of the Justice Department’s Civil Rights Division Vanita Gupta, commands a live press conference covered by all major media arguing that a 250 pound gay male has the legal right to go into a restroom with little girls because he feels himself to be a female. The comparison is beyond being ridiculous and immoral.

The Obama administration truly believes that African Americans and the gay community are in the same boat and so they can treat us as a single group of minorities. Their rationale is that the African American and the gay community have the same enemies. This is not true. The African American and the gay community have completely separate and competing interests, issues and priorities. The only thing we agree on with the gay community is that they are God’s children and we will treat them with dignity and respect. Our issues are real; our issues are immediate and deadly. And what they are doing in their personal sexual lives has nothing to do with Civil Rights. For instance, Martin King did not die so that two, hundred pound hairy naked white guys can have raw naked sex with each other. He died for justice not sexual promiscuity.

We have an African American president and an African American Attorney General and yet there is still no justice being found for the Black community for being shot dead at any time of the day in 2016 for just being Black and saying the wrong thing to a racist white murderous policeman. A Policeman knowing full well that an African American President with the power of the American Justice Department would put his tail between his legs and say nothing, leaving the Black community to hang its head in shame.


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