Fri. Jun 21st, 2024


Bronx, New York – You could be the highest paid celebrity, highest income earning athlete, highest accruing residual royalties, highest paid Wall Street professional, highest paid law enforcement leader, highest paid political lobbyist, highest paid commercial face, and highest paid public speaker and still be among the poorest persons in the nation, if your high paying endeavors are not taking place within the ‘hoods’ where you’re from. Another word, if you have to move out of your childhood neighborhood due to your success, residents in other communities are the benefactors of your resources. Therefore all successful black folks who moved out of their childhood communities are enabling the growth and persistence of ‘have and have nothing’ gap, despite their accountants’ ‘tax write off’ charitable schemes showing them in good light.

So if the neighborhoods we grew up in aren’t safe and conducive enough to live and manage enterprises by successful families, why can’t we change them so that our wealth remain circulating within our families long enough to uplift all residents? Just like non-black communities!  Let us stop this vicious cycle of abject poverty that leads to crime and violence which is the cause of successful families running away from their own people. You do not need to be a rocket scientist to figure this damn thing out. Hell with political correctness, because it is a holocaust to our people.

Please tell me how you feel about this.


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