Tue. May 21st, 2024

Bronx, New York-The NYPD’s annual Pre-Ramadan conference was held today at One Police Plaza in the presence of Hon. William J. Bratton, some of his senior leadership, the members of Muslim officers from various departments as well as diverse Muslim leaders in New York City.

This year’s conference comes at the height of two positive and divergent trends concerning the NYPD and the Muslim community that has had a rocky relation with each other at times. These welcoming trends are, 1) the major overall crime in the city has continued its downward trend, and 2) the number of Muslim officers joining the department has been trending up.   Thanks to the competency, leadership and the unique professional policing qualification of Mr. Bratton.

In addition to the powerful message of inclusion from our commissioner, the highlight of the conference was the eloquence, measured and valuable statement from our guest speaker, Dr. Sarah Sayeed.

After having been attending this conference consistently, I can honestly state that Dr. Sayeed has been the best and most valuable bridge-builder between the administration and its Muslim constituents.  Furthermore, having professionals like Dr. Sayeed who has the experience, background and commitment to serve the administration and all Muslim New Yorkers was a further testament to Mr. De Blasio’s inclusive governing policies.

Finally, Dr. Sayeed proves that hiring qualified Muslim professionals makes it easier to appropriately serve our Community, while at the same time  Muslims pushing professional female leaders on the local and national levels in articulating constituent services delivery would benefit us all, especially since most competent Muslim leaders in the nation happen to be professional Muslim women.  I therefore recommend going forward in serving the Muslim constituents, more female professional Muslims must be at the forefront. Thank you and God bless!




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