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Council Member Daniel Dromm

“I am very pleased that the Mayor is moving forward with the plan and that he will also include bike lanes. Bike lanes are an essential component to providing a safer Queens Boulevard.”


Council Member / Majority Leader Jimmy Van Bramer

“If we want to achieve Vision Zero, we must make Queens Boulevard safer. This street was known as the Boulevard of Death for far too long. With these improvements, we can make Queens Boulevard safer for pedestrians, cyclists and drivers. I applaud Mayor de Blasio for fighting to protect everyone who uses Queens Boulevard.”

Council Member Karen Koslowitz

“Bike lanes are, in my opinion, an integral part of a forward-looking grand plan to create a safer Queens Boulevard.”


Al Perna, 1st Vice Chair of Community Board 4

“If we want safety on Queens Boulevard, we need the protected bike lanes. Without bike lanes there is no safety and without safety there are no bike lanes. I one hundred percent support DOT’s proposal for Queens Boulevard.”


Priscilla Carrow, Community Board 4 Member

“I support the Queens Boulevard safety project. It’s very important to me that there should be a bike lane because what I’m seeing as a driver — it’s dangerous if you don’t have a bike lane.”


Sandra Muñoz, Community Board 4 Member

“I am so happy that the Mayor is making the safety of everyone in Queens, especially on Queens Boulevard a priority. This project is so important for everyone who uses Queens Boulevard, including cyclists. I am looking forward to seeing more life-saving vision zero projects.”


Alirio Orduña, Community Board 4 Member

“I support the safety proposal for Queens Boulevard. The goal here is to save lives and every second, minute, and day counts.  We must protect our citizens and we cannot wait. Let’s move forward.”


Queens Bike Initiative

“We are deeply thankful that Mayor de Blasio and the Department of Transportation are taking a comprehensive approach to drastically improve safety on Queens Boulevard.   And thank you to Council Member Danny Dromm for his tireless work on behalf of his constituents and his help in making this happen.  When drivers, pedestrians and cyclists win, all residents of Queens win.


“Queens Boulevard is a major transportation and commercial artery in our borough, and we believe that by including bike lanes in the DOT’s plan, the City is acknowledging the larger social and economic benefit of providing cost-effective and safe transportion routes for cyclists.   These improvements will make Queens Boulevard safer for existing users and will make biking in Queens safer for generations to come.


“The Queens Bike Initiative is an advocate for progressive change in the borough, and we believe that by working with the Mayor’s office, DOT, our local representatives, and community boards, we can positively impact change in our community.  We must work together to put the collective good ahead of any one agenda and strive for a safer Queens.”


Mujeres en Movimiento

“We stand with the administration and our elected officials in supporting the Department of Transportation’s plan to make a safer Queens Boulevard, including the implementation of much needed bicycle lanes.


“We know that there is overwhelming support among families in Corona, Jackson Heights and Elmhurst for increasing street safety throughout our neighborhoods. For over two years, we have been educating ourselves about safe and “complete streets” while growing a coalition of mothers who have been actively engaging their neighbors in conversations about this very topic.


“We, as immigrant Latinas, deserve to have a voice in the development of our communities. It is us who work; it is us that take care of the children, clean the houses, cook the meals; it is us who walk and ride bikes to move ourselves; it is us and our children who use the parks and fill these neighborhoods with life; it is us who love this community. Therefore, the streets of these neighborhoods also belong to us!


“We are thankful to Mayor Bill de Blasio and the DOT for advancing this plan for Queens Boulevard.”


Cristina Furlong, Make Queens Safer

“We are extremely pleased that with the support of  Council Member Dromm, countless community members, and the Department of Transportation,  Mayor de Blasio will continue to lead on Vision Zero in Queens. We call on all our local elected officials and appointed community board members to respect and honor this much needed and we’ll researched plan for Queens Blvd. Our joint participation and concern have led us here. As 2015 was the first year without a fatality on Queens Blvd., we trust that Phase 2 will continue to make the boulevard safer for all road users in communities on both sides of its wide lanes. It will unite our borough, rather than be a means for folks to speed right through it. We look forward to working with all stakeholders to have phase 2 represent the needs of Queens.”


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