Wed. May 22nd, 2024


There shall never be socio-economic parity between neighborhoods filled with violence and those without it. Therefore we must all make it our number one priority to keep violent crimes out of our neighborhoods. Our communities must be safe enough that all our children should be able to live, receive the best education possible and become successful leaders without the need to move to other neighborhoods that wouldn’t tolerate such high criminal violent activities in their midst.  Today, successful individuals born in our communities are forced out of their childhood neighborhoods for safety reasons.

As a lifelong community organizer who witnessed the birth of the internet and wealth it afforded the innovative youths in safe neighborhoods, I urge all community activists, religious and political leaders, philanthropists, entertainers, educators, celebrities, law enforcement agencies and all adult residents to unite to clean neighborhood after neighborhood off of violent criminal elements without the usual excuses to why high crimes persist in some neighborhoods.  Violence leads to poverty which leads to destitution that opens doors to more and worst violence.

If our communities were safe enough to keep our high earning and successful residents from leaving to safer communities, the resources generated by these families would eliminate poverty in our neighborhoods.  Let us produce innovative youth not murderous prison inmates.


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