Fri. Jun 21st, 2024

Every time I see emotional outburst from victims of violence post violent act, I always asked myself, what preventive actions were they involved in their community prior to becoming victims. The sad reality about violence in our neighborhoods is that most residents believe they will not be victims, and some erroneously think victims may have something to do with crimes befall them. And when the inevitable happen, we routinely turn to blaming law enforcement, politicians and everyone else but our inactive prevention involvement.

Go to any safe neighborhood and see how involved the residents are in their civic, public safety and socio-economic activities. Stop acting post-violence and start participating in preventive endeavors in your neighborhood. It’s not about race or religion, it’s about leadership.

Violent crimes aren’t inevitable. They’re committed by folks we know, love and live with. Let us deny criminals to be our children’s classmates, playmates or roommates. #thepeacecounty


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