Sat. May 18th, 2024



Our military, the best out of the best, the bravest, the most patriotic, the most fitted, the most talented, and the most generous citizens who are willing (without hesitation) to give it all for the safety and wellness of their compatriots home and in a battle field, must never, ever question the legitimacy of their services before, during and after deployment. Their sacrifices must never be taken for granted by politicians under the dictates of lobbyists representing greedy corporations that profit from conflicts. The lives and dignity of these angels must not be securitized commodities of Wall Street paid special interest groups.  And no veteran, whose precious blood and limps, make and maintain this nation as the most powerful nation on earth, should ever, ever be failed the same nation, especially when the same greedy corporations are main cause of their deployment and denial of their entitlements.

Now is the time to let these angels be used to build this nation and its marvelous yet crumbling infrastructure and not sent overseas to kill, destroy, be killed and abandoned by lobbyists’ political servants.  Let us build peace and stop destroying nature and its inhabitants. Join this innovative ‘Peaceful Coexistence’ movement because a peaceful world does not come from a military might, but the mighty of love and respect for all. Have a peaceful weekend! #peacefulcoexistence #peacedecember  #peacefulmajority


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