Fri. Jun 21st, 2024
I am one of the least experts in political science in the nation, because I do not have any political science background. I, however, am a lifelong community organizer. I deal with real people and their real issues on a daily bases. I know what my community’s needs are. I know the competencies or lack thereof of all my elected officials are.
For this reason, I’m very excited about what is happening in this year’s election cycle. Regardless of who our next president shall be, the political establishments have forever changed for the better.
For delegates and super-delegates to determine who our nominees would be months and years ahead of the voters, is not only offensive and undemocratic, but it also ought to be illegal. We must remove undemocratic and archaic election rules out of our politics. It must be the voters, not money, delegate, special interest group, party establishment or other undemocratic tool to determine our elections outcome.
Therefore this year’s underdogs’ surprised and highly effective challenges to the trench party establishments and their beholden special interest groups, will yield many constituent benefits for years to come. The least of these benefits is voter education, because knowledge empowers the possessor. Please VOTE! #mcrn #peacevoters


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