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You should know that the Bronx is burning – but in a positive way!

As we all know, there was a time when Bronx landlords abandoned their properties, fires were burning, blocks were lined with empty lots and burnt down buildings, factories left, and banks red lined the area. The Bronx was practically deserted.

The Bronx was ignored, abused, and used as everyone’s political piñata and punch line.

But it is also important for you to know that in recent years, the Bronx has made a turn for the best: crime is down, roads and bridges have been renovated, businesses are booming, and real estate values are rising. The Bronx has come to be a place to be.

An indication of this dramatic change is that during this Presidential Campaign season, the Bronx has become the focus for one and all to come and visit.

The Bronx has become the Road to the White House.

Never before in Bronx history have Presidential candidates taken it upon themselves, in one way or another, to make sure a visit to the Bronx is a must-do on their itinerary.

Senator Bernie Sanders, Senator Ted Cruz, Governor John Kasich, Secretary Hillary Clinton – they have all made a major visit to the Bronx.

The only one who has been missing in action in Bronx is Mr. Donald Trump.

By coming to the Bronx, Presidential candidates show their willingness to recognize how significant the Bronx and our people are. One result of their visits is how every media outlet worldwide is talking about the Bronx.

You should know that on Tuesday, April 5th at approximately 8pm, I received a call from Ted Cruz’s people telling me that an event they planned had been cancelled, and asked if I could get 15-20 ministers to meet with Ted Cruz in any place of my choice in the Bronx.

I got busy on my phone and in less than 10 hours, I organized an event where not 15, but 100 Hispanic ministers welcomed Ted Cruz in the Sabrosura Restaurant located at 1808 Westchester Avenue in Bronx County.  And the Bronx got worldwide coverage!

It is important for all of us to know that since the Bronx is the Road to the White House, and every national candidate is coming here to visit, I am still waiting for Mr. Donald Trump to also come here and to show the whole world that there is nothing to fear by coming to the Bronx.

My dear reader, you should know that on Thursday, April 7th at 12:30pm, as I was ending my weekly meeting with my Hispanic ministers, I received a phone call from the Trump Organization inviting me to go and meet one on one with Donald Trump at the Trump Tower.

Even though I do appreciate Donald Trump’s invitation, my priorities as the President of the New York Hispanic Clergy Organization force me to make sure that any meetings with candidates are held with my ministers – not just with me – and for these meetings to be held where we meet, in the Bronx.

My invitation to Donald Trump still stands.

It is great to see Bernie Sanders going to St Mary’s Park, John Kasich coming to Fordham Road, Hillary Clinton riding the Subway at 161st Street in the Bronx, and Senator Ted Cruz eating in Sabrosura Restaurant on Westchester Avenue.  

This has been a great victory for the Bronx and its more than one million residents.

I am Senator Reverend Rubén Díaz, and this is what you should know.


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