Fri. Mar 1st, 2024
Bronx Branch NAACP
At the Bronx Branch NAACP March meeting Rev. Bruce Rivers gave a report on the mayor’s affordable housing plan, including a summary of the objections to the plan, which was rejected by all twelve Bronx Community Boards.
The rejection was citywide and the dominant complaint was that the standard (AMI… Area Median Income) used to determine affordability is too high to benefit the people who need affordable housing the most. The Bronx is number one in poverty and has the lowest median household income in the city; its poorest residents will not benefit from the proposed housing.
Boards across the city rejected the plan, but politicians don’t listen to community boards or community residents. On March 22nd the City Council voted to approve a modified plan that they claimed addressed the concerns raised by the community boards and housing advocates.
A number of people disagree. There is considerable belief that this is a classic case of organized money (the wealthy and Wall Street) and organized people (politicians and unions) colluding to control public policy and public money at the public’s expense.
The absurdity of setting the standard (AMI) too high was put on display in city council hearings on the mayor’s plan, but it proved to be eloquent lip service and theatrics. Citing the billions of dollars involved in the plan, critics argue that the council members voted in favor of organized money and organized people because there are no consequences for council members misrepresenting the interest of the residents of their districts. Only one Bronx city council member voted against one part of the two part plan.
Ongoing conversations clearly indicate that many community residents believe  they got jacked, as in Profitability trumps Affordability. This raises questions about the city council primary elections scheduled for September 2017. Will Bronx voters remember how their council members voted and hold them accountable for affordable housing not being affordable enough in the Bronx? Will Bronx voters say You’re Fired to council members and the mayor?
            Who will tell the truth? Who will truly fight for real affordable housing?
The power of the voters is greater than the power of the politicians
The Bronx Branch NAACP Center for the Political Truth


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