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My Homeboys

By Mar 22, 2016

Dear fellow citizens:

In case no one told you this, I will. Our ignorance has created and keeps millions of professional employments, earn promotions for these professionals and build economic engines for them in certain communities. You should be very upset to learn that your late best friend, who was murdered by a drug-dealing gang member, has generated a lot of benefits for professionals working on his and thousand of other cases like it in our neighborhoods. These professionals have good jobs, receive higher promotions, live in safer neighborhoods, enjoy quality of life after-work in their peaceful neighborhoods, their children attend good schools, books and movies are done on them for working on your dead best friend’s unsolved case, their children who are in better schools now will do for your children what these professionals are doing for your dead best friend’s case now, and the movie continue on…. Aren’t you angry already… Don’t have beef with your homeboys, have a beef with your situation. Join us. We got your back!


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