Sat. May 18th, 2024



Regardless of whom the voters end up sending to the White House next year, the United States politics has forever changed. Parties’ establishments will undoubtedly go back to their drawing boards to brainstorm for a new strategy of party relevancy and control.

Both parties are now experiencing internal anti-establishment rebellions by pushing outsider candidates farther than previously unexpected. Regardless of which party wins the presidency this year, voters are making sure career politicians in congress and local legislative houses feel the change. For sure, it will no longer be business as usual.

Furthermore, this new political dynamic provides great openings for marginalized parties and smaller voting blocks, and are enabling more frustrated voters to have their elected officials, for once, pay closer attentions to their issues and concerns, not the lobbyists’.

Because of this new political opportunity, we’re reminding all our friends and colleagues to continue to push to their elected to support our Citywide Public Safety movement, New York Public Safety Partnership (NPSP). This partnership is nothing new to the elected because it mirrors various other partnerships the city has launched in the last decade. The one difference is that NPSP’s sole mission is grassroots mobilization for prevention of criminal violence in our neighborhoods.

We want our elected to make Public Safety priority number one since all positive community developments stem from it.  For further information about NPSP, peace contact us at: or call 718-239-5555


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