Sat. Feb 24th, 2024

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Bronx, New York- The Senegalese Community in New York, under the leadership of their Ambassador, are converging in drove in my community center in the Bronx early this morning, to fulfill one of their patriotic duties and express their feelings about their president’s new referendum to make changes to Senegal’s Constitution.  A nation with over ninety percent Muslims, these citizens are very suspicious about the referendum. They religiously believed some of the fifteen (15) items included in the language of the referendum, covertly designed to legalize homosexuality in Senegal, a subject that can easily mobilize the majority of all Africans to vigorously refuse its inclusion into any national referendum.

I spoke to several arrivals already and feel their anxiety to vote against it due to what they believe is a deal their president had secretly made with President Obama to legalize gay marriages in Senegal before he leaves office. The other allegation they’re making is that unlike previous national referendums that gave the public six months (6) of debate, this referenda only give four (4) weeks without a complete detail to understand its content.

For now, I honestly can say these patriots aren’t seeing eye to eye with their president on this issue, unlike the last time they were here to proudly vote him into office.  The polls are open from 9:00 AM-5:00PM at this center.


Al Iman Community Center, 2006 Westchester Avenue, Bronx, New York 10462. 718-239-5555


Sheikh Musa Drammeh


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