Sat. Feb 24th, 2024

We refuse to yield to evil

Friends and foes would correctly said Musa was in the Bronx when innocent bronxites were being murdered. He was there when women were being savagely abused by their intimate partners. He was there when the children were being recruited in drug dealing gang members. He was there when people were being attacked for their race, religion, gender and choices. He was there when good talking politicians didn’t deliver constituent empowerment programs and services. He was there when public safety was an unknown thing. He was there when clergy were more concern about tithes and titles than communal wholesome progress. He was there when special interests groups indirectly funded and controlled local affairs.  He was there when most broxites were renting instead of owning their residential and commercial properties.  He was there when more and younger bronxites were being sent to for-profits prisons.  He was there when parents in most neighborhoods were terrified when their children played outside. Yes, he was there when these and many other things were taking place in the Bronx.

But while he was there, he was never silent, intimidated, shy, bought, complacent or too afraid to make loud disapproval noises. Because it was never about his safety but his whole community’s. He left no stone untouched in the pursuit of Bronx public safety. He did all he could for public safety. And at the end, he was able upset all bronxites with his relentless political incorrect positions about public safety to a point when all Bronx decision makers had joined him in making the Bronx one of the best places in the nation to live, raise successful families and establish international enterprises. #thepeacecounty #cppo


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