Fri. Mar 1st, 2024

Dear Council Members:

As a tax paying constituent, I have been attending events hosted by elected officials and tax payed non-for-profit events where sugary drinks and junk foods are served. Since funds for buying these unhealthy drinks and junk foods come from taxpayers or sponsors, then I think it’s time to cease doing so. Public resources must be used for public safety and wellness.  We must not accept donations from sponsors whose products and services interfere with public safety and wellness, either.

For this reason, I’m seeking your leadership in sponsoring a bill banning taxpayers’ dollars from being used for unhealthy drinks and junk foods by elected officials and tax payed program events. It is time to practice what we preach.


Soft Drinks Represent One of the Greatest Health Threats to the Human Species

With 30 million diabetics and 80 million pre-diabetics, it’s very clear that the United States’ decision to support the free market above all else has had a major detrimental effect to the welfare of its people.

We can no longer ignore the obvious: too much sugar is killing us. Coca-Cola, Pepsi, and other major soft drink beverage companies have retaliated against government attempts at reducing the consumption of soda by insisting that people have the right to make their own decisions. Furthermore, Coca-Cola insists that it it is part of the solution – not the problem – in the fight against obesity. What a crock! Paying millions of dollars to celebrities to endorse your product and bombarding the airwaves with ads telling the consumer that Coca-Cola or Pepsi is the cornerstone of a happy life has completely skewed the public perception about what is normal, what is healthy, and what is accepted.

What we do know is that the American Medical Association has recommended that the average male limit his consumption of sugar to 45 grams per day, while the average women should only take in 30 grams per day.

One 12 ounce can of Pepsi contains 41 grams of sugar. As per the recommendation of the AMA, women should not consume even one glass of Pepsi a day. Not even one.

And neither should men. We know that we should instead consume fruits and vegetables, not highly refined sugar that cause major blood sugar spikes when consumed, thus forcing the pancreas to work harder to regular levels.

We are facing a major health crisis. Type 2 Diabetes is a terrible enough disease on its own, but at to that the fact that it is considered a major risk factor for Pancreatic cancer (the worst type of cancer a human can be diagnosed with considering the extremely poor survival rates), and we now know something has to be done.

Diet sodas don’t cut it. They trick the body into releasing insulin anyway, thus putting pressure on the pancreas.

In a single word, soda is poison.

But we live in a society where it is currently accepted, just like smoking used to be.

Either the soda makers make some drastic changes to their formula, or they must end their production of this garbage and move onto to something healthier. If that doesn’t happen, banning soft drinks will be a very real consideration soon.

“One problem with junk foods is that they’re low in satiation value — that is, people don’t tend to feel as full when they eat them — which can lead to overeating. Another problem is that junk food tends to replace other, more nutritious foods. When people drink lots of soda, for example, they are usually not getting plenty of low-fat dairy or other healthful beverages like green tea or orange juice. When they’re snacking on chips and cookies, they’re usually not loading up on fruits and vegetables.” Webmd.



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