Wed. Jun 19th, 2024

Bronx, New York- Today at Peace December Headquarters in the Bronx, a historic event was held to officially launch the annual ‘Claudette Colvin Day’ celebrations, after sixty one years since her refusal to get up from her seat for a white passenger, a refusal that took nine months before that of Mrs. Rosa Parks, the more publicized one.

Special guests in attendance included representatives from Mayor Bill De Blasio office, Mayor Ernest Davis, New York City Commissioner for Human Rights and other dignitaries and clergy. This event was a continuation of the legislative honor Ms. Colvin had received from the New York State Assembly and Senate in Albany in February this year.

The students of Islamic Leadership School superbly reenacted Ms. Colvin’s defiance to Montgomery bus segregation that helped dismantle Jim Crow Laws at the time.

Both mayors issued proclamations declaring March 2nd Claudette Colvin Day in New York, along with several other organizations that also honored Ms. Colvin with plaques. The celebration went very well with lots of food and excitement.


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