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New tech will let drivers pay for parking and add time to meters right from their cell phones, and even receive credit for unused time

By end of 2016, mobile-pay will be implemented for all 85,000 metered parking spaces citywide

NEW YORK—As part of this week’s State of the City address, Mayor Bill de Blasio is announcing that New Yorkers will be able to pay for all 85,000 metered parking spaces with their cell phone by the end of 2016. The technology will enable drivers to park without stopping at the meter and printing out receipts, and will be enforced via the NYPD’s new tablet devices that will allow Traffic Enforcement Agents to immediately determine whether a parked car is paid up.

“No more fumbling for change or scrambling to the meter to beat a ticket. This is a 21st century upgrade that is going to make parking a lot more convenient,” said Mayor Bill de Blasio.

“Pay-by-cell offers New York drivers greater customer convenience and quality of life,” saidDepartment of Transportation Commissioner Polly Trottenberg. “This more efficient payment system also allows motorists to pay for only the time they use.”

“With the leadership of Mayor Bill de Blasio, we are moving to modernize our aging parking system, providing New Yorkers with the convenience to keep up with their fast paced lives,” said Council Member and Chair of the Committee on Transportation Ydanis Rodriguez, who has sponsored legislation to expand pay-by-phone parking. “Upgrading these systems will keep New Yorkers moving with a quick swipe or flash of the phone. Moving forward, we should continue our innovative approach to parking by incorporating new technologies, like payment apps, to further our status as a global leader in civic-tech.”

There are currently 13,700 Muni-Meters across the five boroughs that govern 85,000 metered parking spaces. Muni-Meters accept coins, New York City Parking Cards and credit cards. Muni-Meters will continue to accept these forms of payment.

There is no budget impact from this proposal. The NYPD’s tablet devices are already being secured as part of a previously announced technology upgrade for the entire department. In addition, the DOT is developing the mobile application for drivers through a no-cost innovation contract. The new technology will enable drivers to add more time to the meter by phone within posted time-limit rules, and receive credit if they utilize less time than they pay for.

The new system will draw on the experience of a pilot program in the Bronx’s Belmont neighborhood that encompassed 264 parking spaces as well as a 57-space DOT parking lot.

Mayor de Blasio will deliver the State of the City address this Thursday evening.

“Technology is our future, and it’s time we embrace new ideas,” said Assembly Member Pamela Harris. “We can look forward to a night on the town without worrying about running to feed the meter. This ingenious technology will be in the palm of our hand. I appalled our Mayor for bringing our constituents into the future and up to speed.”

“Mobile payment for parking helps solve one of the everyday hassles of city life, whether it’s picking up medication or your child, sometimes you need a little bit more time” said Assembly Member Alicia Hyndman. “As a member of the Small Business committee, I welcome solutions that make it easier for customers to shop here in Southeast Queens.”



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