Fri. Mar 1st, 2024


We are anticipating the hiring of close to two-thousand new officers by the beginning of 2017.  There are an abundance of great opportunities and benefits available as a Correction Officer for the New York City Department of Correction.  Twenty-two year retirement, salary increases that reach close to $90,000 including certain benefits, choice of great health plans, annual uniform pay, holiday pay, vacation days that increase to 27 days after five and a half years of service, prescription coverage, dental and eyeglass coverage, round out most of the financial benefits.

In addition to the aforementioned financial benefits, the New York City Department of Correction offers the ability to advance from the uniformed rank of Correction Officer to Captain, Assistant Deputy Warden, Deputy Warden, Warden, Assistant Chief, Bureau Chief, Chief of Department, and also into non-uniformed positions as Commissioners.  There are also opportunities for Correction Officers to attain the title of “Instructor”, which would certify them to teach at our Correction Academy, and the title of “Investigator”, which has many function within our agency.

Outside of the benefits and advancement opportunities, our agency’s diversity is greatly represented throughout our Fraternal Organizations.  Asian Jade Society, Caribbean Association, Columbia Association, Correction Officers For Christ, Desi Association, Emerald Society, Guardians Association, Hellenic Society, Hispanic Society, Maccabee Society, MECCA, are all professional representations of the different ethnicities that make up the Correction Department.

Physical activity is also well represented in our championship sports teams.  We currently have five Basketball Teams that travel around the country and participate in tournaments year round.  We also have a baseball team that competes locally against other law enforcement agencies, a Boxing team that competes in the “Battle of the Badges”, a newly formed Ice Hockey team, and most recently, our 2015 National Champion Tackle Football Team.

We thank you for assisting us to “spread the word” and educate the people in our community about this great opportunity. Attached please two of our flyers for distribution.



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