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By Jan 23, 2016

Honorable William Bratton


New York City Police Department

One Police Plaza, New York


Re: Mujibur Rahman attack in the Bronx.

Dear Mr. Commissioner:

Bronx, New York- On behalf of the Bronx Muslims and Immigrants, particularly the Muslim residents of the 43rd Precinct, we’re truly honored to have Inspector Fausto B. Pichardo leading our precinct.

Inspector Pichardo had committed all his available resources and manpower and left no stone untouched in making sure that the perpetrators who had viciously attacked Mr. Mujibur Rahman, a Muslim immigrant of Bangladeshi descend, get caught and persecuted for their violent crime, at all costs.  His leadership and swift action in bringing these suspects to justice have, without a doubt,  removed all concerns residents have had since the incident, and also demonstrates the level of professionalism, training and a paradigm shift in confidence toward our selfless public guardians, the NYPD.

Obviously the immigrant community in general, Muslims or not, have a great relationship with your members, and a total confidence in their ability to maintain law and order.

Mr. Commissioner, on behalf of the Muslim community of the Bronx, we ask that you  acknowledge Inspector Pichardo and his highly competent team of detectives whose true acts of professionalism, competence and commitment to protect all constituents have resulted in one of the quickest and best outcome of our law enforcement work.

Finally, Mr. Commissioner, we know your heart is in the right place and your lifelong national law enforcement experience is making a tremendous public safety impact in the city already. May God continue to bless you and our most competent law enforcement professionals in the world. God bless the NYPD.


Sheikh Musa Drammeh


Community Peace Patrol Officers



Governor Cuomo

Mayor DeBlasio

Aldo Perez

Community Board 9

Councilmember Palma

Assemblyman Spulveda

Senator Diaz

Bangladeshi Leadership

News Media


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