Wed. Feb 21st, 2024



The indiscriminate savage attacks on innocents in Paris yesterday finally confirmed our changed world that requires us to implement the only new way forward, Peaceful Coexistence. Gone are the days of the effectiveness of military industrial super complexes.

We can stubbornly buried our heads in the sand and continue on business as usual by increasing the already untenable military budgets, or we can intelligently set ‘Department of Peace’ in local communities to promote a peaceful coexistence.

Any man or woman willing to commit suicide for a cause, is a person that a well-funded ‘Department of Peace, moreso than military might, can convert into peace ambassador, especially when the new platform of terrorism is now bottom up not top down.

During Peace December, New York Peace Coalition, as part of its core mission, lobbies for funding for successful communal peaceful coexistence programs, through our local state and city legislatures’ ‘Department of Peace’ Fiscal Conduits.

It is a high time to use peaceful means of reclaiming our majestic universe from the cowards, not destructive military means. Violence only breeds more and worst violence. Time to be prudent investors, not foolish monsters.


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