Sun. Jun 16th, 2024




All our lives, our parents’ lives and grandparents lives, our nations have been sending killing men, women and machines to people they told us were our enemies who deserved to be neutralized.

Our military cemeteries are filled with sons and daughters of known and unknown. Our veterans hospitals are inundated with unmanageable care for our brave and selfless young men and women crippled from these so called enemies’ wars. Our national debt (to finance these wars) has reached to an unimaginable height. We have slaughtered over 200, 000,000 souls and destroyed countless structures and natural resources along the way just in the last century alone. In the last two decades alone, we have created, financed, trained and armed subhuman groups worst than anything the world has ever seen to fight the enemies. And the stupidity continue on…

But I can truthfully testify that there are no natural born enemies. If you don’t believe me, put together children from all walks of life and watch them interact. There are no natural enemies. All so called enemies are created for GREED, SELFISHNESS, EGO, STUPIDITY, IGNORANCE, and COWARDLINESS.

Please join us to turn the table for our children, all of them. In the beginning we were one, and at the end we are a family. #peacedecember #peacemonth #peacefulmajority #peacelightingday. #peacelights


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