Sun. Jun 16th, 2024


Dear Peaceful Friends.

It is shame for us to dedicate a month as a ‘Domestic Violence’ month in this day and age. No violence should be rampant enough to deserve this recognition.

Since the majority of the victims of ‘intimate violence’ are women, how many of us men are raising daughters to only abused, insult, hurt or killed? How many of us would love to see our mothers dancing naked in those disgusting gentlemen’ clubs? How many of us would sell our souls to the entertainment industry that has turned our daughters in to prostitutes? How many of us can look up to our daughters and said if you find men like me you are indeed honored to marry them? How many of us are truly real men whom successful women would be honored to call husbands?

Please let us take this month and turn things around. Baby momas and baby daddies aren’t the solution, our real commitment to successful families is. Let all our relations, love and professions empower women not degrade them. If you think I’m being judgmental about this, great, you may guilty of my judgment.

Have a happy, romantic and peaceful family month!


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