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By Aug 16, 2015

EDUCATION, and nothing else, is the most proven tool of uplifting a person, a community, a nation, a culture, a race and a continent.

Whatever ills us, excellence in education cures it. To bring justice, be the judge. To bring equality, bring value to humanity. To be respected, be adequately independent.

It does not matter how late we start, education allows us to catch up and take the lead (South Korea). Let’s not waste our productive times demanding our rights, instead let us become a necessity in our environment. Let us raise leading scholars, not angry prison-bound dependents.

Life is not fair, but education eliminates all oppressive schemes. The worst crimes committed by any people are the crimes of public ignorance. Let us all make education a collective rallying cause, not social justice.

In New York, for example, I have attended so many fiery rhetoric from political candidates, vowing to keep district jobs in the district, only to realize after being elected that certain contracts require qualifications that are hard to fulfill using only constituents.

Finally, for Africa (possessing the best that Nature can offer and situated in the middle of the Universe), to be the least developed and depended on other less resourceful and more educated nations, is an unforgivable sin.

We can continue to blame colonialism, slavery, foreigners and all other excuses, but if we don’t produce more scientists and mathematicians than other continents, colonialism and enslavement would continue with brunt force.


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