Fri. Jun 21st, 2024


AFRICA’S PANACEA,  rule of law whereby all residents are equal before the law. As long as there are individuals above the law, Africa’s most qualified sons and daughters would utilize their talent and professionalism abroad. A country is not a home in which one family own and does as it pleased.

In the Western world, every penny collected on behalf of the government is accountable for or someone ends up behind bars. They have independent judiciaries. They have term limits. Qualified professionals not religious leaders lead institutions. Their elected leaders come to power through elections. No family is entitled to anything except for what it earned. Their education system is not tied to religious education. They compete to make their nations better regardless of personal interests. Their elected officials do not get rich just by serving in government. Their national resources are national treasure. They invest their money in their nations.  Any citizen from the president to a porter can be called to answer allegations, and if found guilty incarcerated. All leadership positions are held by qualified individuals not hand picked ones. Their nations progress regardless of change of governments. And they have no DICTATORS.


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