Thu. Jun 20th, 2024


Dear friends:


You are cordially invited to our interfaith dinner tomorrow at 7:30pm at Masjid Al Iman. Jews and Muslims are coming together to share a Ramadan Dinner in furtherance of our ‘Shul In The Mosque’ project.  Bellow is a short information about the project. God bless



Shul-In-The Mosque is a miniature Jerusalem in the Bronx, whereby Jewish and Muslim worshippers harmoniously share the same building to conduct their mostly similar religious services.  This project while small in nature has opened many doors of intercultural cooperation, closer interfaith interactions, limitless possibilities of a peaceful coexistence among all people, particularly Jews and Muslims.

Since New York is second only to Israel in Jewish population and is also home to one of the fastest growing Muslim populations in the United States, “Shul-In-The Mosque” project plays the greater visible counter extremists narratives.

Because of the international interests on this project and the alarming proliferation of radicalization of young Muslims in the West, “Shul-In-The Mosque has already enabled us to create a Peace Curriculum (Peace Education Act) for public and private grade schools to inculcate ‘neighborliness’ mindset on our children as early as Kindergarten.

Against this back drop, we are not only planning to expand this project within its current building, but to also duplicate it wherever it is needed globally. Although it was started as a small neighborly gesture for the remainder older Jewish residents of Parkchester Section of the Bronx, New York City, It has now become an international sightseeing destination for peacemakers, authority figures and the media.


Sheikh Musa Drammeh

Chairman, Islamic Cultural Center of North America.


Mr. Leon Blackman, Elder

Beis Menachem Synagogue, Parkchester.




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