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Two-Day Conference Presented by DANY Academy, Which Hosts Internal and External Trainings, Information-Sharing, and Educational Forums


The Manhattan District Attorney’s Office is hosting its second annual Symposium on Intelligence-Driven Prosecution for prosecutors interested in learning more about the innovative crime-fighting strategies developed by the Crime Strategies Unit formed by District Attorney Cyrus R. Vance, Jr., in 2010. This two-day event is a DANY Academy initiative to share best practices, resources, and expert insight with prosecutors from diverse jurisdictions across the U.S., and also represents an opportunity for prosecutors to work together and collaborate on contemporary criminal justice issues.


“New York has become one of the safest big cities in the country,” said District Attorney Vance. “But guns trafficked across state borders still end too many lives, and rapists who commit crimes in New York and elsewhere often go on to assault new victims in other places. More than ever, collaboration between prosecutors and law enforcement is necessary to fight crimes that don’t conform to the borders of a single jurisdiction, and I’m hopeful that by collectively addressing new public safety challenges purposefully and creatively, we’ll be able to make a difference for crime victims everywhere.”

Executive Director of DANY Academy, Assistant District Attorney Evan Krutoy said: “DANY Academy represents the opportunity for Manhattan prosecutors to share the expertise and intelligence of successful criminal justice programs with other prosecutors nationwide. The Academy will also facilitate partnerships with experts and specialists from divergent areas of practice and study, with the ultimate goal of transforming these collaborations into criminal justice initiatives that further serve to combat crime on a local and national level.”

Manhattan District Attorney’s Office Crime Strategies Unit Chief Kerry Chicon said: “We’re proud that prosecutors from around the country are interested in learning about tools we’ve created to fight crime, but most importantly, we’re interested in working together and learning from other prosecutors about what crime strategies have worked in diverse cities, counties, and states.”

Prosecutors from more than 20 groups and jurisdictions across the U.S. expressed interest in learning about the Manhattan District Attorney’s Crime Strategies Unit and were invited to participate in this symposium hosted by DANY Academy, which principally organizes events by and for prosecutors. During the event, participants had the opportunity discuss crime analysis methods and technology as a tool for mapping, case management, intelligence gathering, and evidence collection. In addition to training programs, DANY Academy also serves as a facilitator for collaboration and innovation, bringing together leading specialists on diverse topics—from mental health issues to dispelling acquaintance rape myths—in order to produce and implement the most effective criminal justice policies.

The District Attorney’s Office has spearheaded this approach to crime-fighting, but the strategy and methods are applicable in any jurisdiction. Interested individuals are encouraged to review the implementation guide, and are invited to participate in similar programs organized by DANY Academy.

The symposium is being hosted by the New York/New Jersey HIDTA at 250 Vesey Street, and represents a model for law enforcement collaboration by bringing together numerous state and federal law enforcement agencies, including the NYPD and DEA, and numerous other law enforcement partners, under one roof.



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