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Wonderful facilities for World Muslim Ummah
Wonderful facilities for World Muslim Ummah


Bismillah hir Rehmahnnir Raheem

Wonderful facilities for World Muslim Ummah

The Arab, non Arab Muslim intellectuals, astronomers, scholars etc. have solved the problem of getting absolutely trustworthy news of moon sighting to determine the day of advent of the new Hijree  month for the Muslim Ummah living in many parts of the world by organising to give forecast of appearance of Helaal and then more important,to follow it up by substantiating it with Observation Reports (Shahahdah)  from trustworthy, knowledgeable and experienced  observers living from Australia to the Americas, every new lunar month through the websites:   (Arabic/ English)   and (English) .

These facilities for world Muslim Ummah are maintained and operated by concerned Muslim intellectuals’ fee sabeel Allah.

Muslims everywhere, are under obligation of the Sunnah of the holy Prophet (saw) to organise the search for the Helaal for the new month every month. If they fail to see it locally, they will do themselves a great favour by seeking help from the Observation Report (Shahahdah) applicable to them, from the above websites.

Should we obey Saudi Arabia?

Who shall we be answerable to, on the day of Judgment? Allah, no doubt. So why not obey what Allah shows in the sky? The day, Allah chooses for Eid is there, for all to see on those websites. Besides the news from Arabia is NOT very encouraging. It seems unbelievable, but facts are facts. It is all very familiar situation as happened in the past i.e. Ulamah versus the Officials. There is small number of very powerful anti Shariah Officials in Riyadh and a very large but weak pro Shariah, Ulamah and Ummah including some Princes. The anti Shariah Officials enforce their calendar upon Musjidelheraam which results in feasting on a day, everyone there knows very well, is the last day of Rumadaan. Their calendar is based on speculated sighting of Helaal in a place, where sun sets about 17 hours after it sets in Arabia. Their calendar is also based on total rejection of the Sunnah of the holy Prophet (saw). The Ulamah and the Ummah there know it very well because many of them go out to search for Helaal every month, in compliance with the Sunnah of the holy Prophet (saw). When they and all the Helaal observers,including those appointed by a Saudi Prince, do not see the Helaal, they hear from the anti Shariah Officials in Riyadh that Helaal has been seen. Thus a Haraam act  i.e. feasting on the last day of Rumadaan is enforced upon Musjidulheraam. They also see Hujjaaj assembled in Arafah on the 8th day, off and on. It happened in 2010, 2013 & 2014. The Ulamah, Ummah and even some Saudi Princes know it but cannot do anything to stop it. The Arab Ulamah suffer such zoolm in total silence. So what is OUR duty to Allah? Should we let the Arab Ulamah and Ummah suffer zoolm in silence or try to do something about it? To do something, we all will need to come together to celebrate Eid, in unity, on the day Allah chooses for us. Will Allah ever accept our Eid or assembly of Hujjaaj in Arafah, on a day NOT chosen by Him? No. Never. So we need to be very careful about this and every matter. Remember” No soul shall carry the burden of another soul on the day of Judgement”. There will be no Ameer or Imaam representing us there. Thus, each of us is responsible for what we say or do in this life. The time to do so is today. The irrefutable evidence is that Morocco is the only Arabic speaking country where the Shariah of Helaal sighting is observed very rigidly as is by the nearly 440 million Muslims of the Indian sub-continent and their expatriates living in other countries. Is there any reason as to why we all should NOT show unity with Allah’s command to celebrate Eid on the day chosen by Him?

A challenge to all the disbelievers in the above Truth.  Do your Aakhirah a favour.  Compare the Observation Reports on the above mentioned websites with what you hear from the Officials in Riyadh through Islam Channel TV or from other sources. If you do not believe in those trustworthy Observation Reports shown on the websites as above then go out and see it happening with your own eyes. Compare what you see in the sky with what you hear from the Officials in Riyadh. If you do not happen to be in Arabia or in any country immediately West of Arabia then, request someone you may know, living there, to do so for you. If you do not have the facility for either then it isbest to rely on the Observation Report as shown on the above mentioned websites from trustworthy brothers across the world.

Islam Channel TV has never shown the moral courage or integrity to show the Helaal on their on their TV screen, they claim has been seen in Arabia that evening.

All the above facts are verifiable to whosoever will make the effort to find the above Truth.

O’ Allah you are my witness today, that I have done my duty of making this Truth aware to the unaware. All the above facts are verifiable to whosoever will make the effort to find the above Truth.




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