Thu. Jun 20th, 2024
From God we came, to Him is our collective return.
From God we came, to Him is our collective return.

I sadly joined all New Yorkers in sending my heartfelt condolences to the Sassoon’s family for this horrific fire tragedy. I encourage all of to us to pray, stop by and donate generously for the funeral expenses of these young, precious and promising lives we lost so tragically. They are comfortably in the presence of the Merciful God now. I pray for the miracle recovery of the two critically injured ones. I cannot imagine the father’s pain now, but we are all with him at this unimaginably sad moment.

This horrific fire tragedy that befell the Sassoon family is a painful reminder of our Highbridge fire that claimed the lives of 9 African immigrant children and one of their mothers in March 2007 of which I was appointed family spokesperson. Just like then, we must come together again to show the family how much we care about them.


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