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Muslim pilgrims performing the haj climb the Jebel al-Rahma at the plain of Arafat near Mecca

By Godfrey Oluklya           16TH/03/15.

Muslims in Ugandan have today cried out loud to Allah asking Him to forgive
them for the bad deeds so as to let the rains fall for the nation to have a
cooler weather and the animals to have water to drink with plants to grow.

In the Du’a prayers held today at Kibuli Mosque led by the Kampala district
Khadhi, Sheikh, Sliman Kasule Ndilangwa, he attributes the current change
in weather patterns that have seen the country experience very long dry
spells to the evils that human beings are doing which are against God’s
wish and its upon this that he urges all believers to repent for such hash
conditions to be reversed.

Sheikh Ndilingwa also notes that even in the very early days of Prophet
Muhammad’s believers used to pray for rains to fall and tasks all believers
to always take the same route.

With the long dry spells the country is experiencing, many people in most
parts of the country are suffering to get a jerry-can of water which in some
places goes for over 2000 shillings, plants have dried up, wells and springs
have also dried making it difficult for people to feed, practice
agriculture among other activities though weather experts revealed that
rains will start falling mid this month.



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