Sat. May 18th, 2024



I am now frustrated of hearing Muslims complaining about the Western media’s biases towards them. The Muslim world failed itself. Besides Al Jazeera, Press TV and few others, the Muslim world is not giving priority to competitive global media. Some bright tech-savvy young Muslims are also frustrated for lack of support from Muslims and closing their innovative media projects. I can name so many failed initiatives due to lack support, especially the complete lack of support from wealthy Muslim Nations/individuals.

Take “ImHalal” for example. A Google-like initiative created by a brilliant young Kuwaiti man that had to close due to lack of support from us. This initiative had received a worldwide media and professional praises. We certainly can not blame lack of money in the Muslim world. Allah (SW) say nothing change for us without our commitment to the change.

Supporting your local media, give them the much-needed resources to provide “Breaking News” as they happen, globally. God bless! I’m just a frustrated poor Muslim man in the Bronx, so forgive me.


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