Fri. Jun 21st, 2024


ARE WE STUPID CREATURES not deserving of the intellect or honor given to us by the Creator to rule the world?

According to Vision of Humanity, the cost of global violence is over 9 trillion dollars annually. We therefore have completely turned this beautifully majestic world into a Hell on earth.

  1. Each nation has trained its Armed Forces to be the best killers.
  2. Each nation has trained its Central Intelligence to the best spy
  3. Each nation has developed Intellectual Property Industry for domination in self-destruct.
  4. Each nation has built a Central Bank to be the master of economic manipulation.
  5. Each nation has established media powerhouses for public misinformation.
  6. Each nation has construct educational compounds for world domination
  7. Each nation has nurtured a culture of selfish exceptionalism.
  8. Each nation has indoctrinated religious and historical superiority.
  9. Each nation has commodified and packaged violence as publicly tradable investment schemes.
  10. Each nation has normalized national absent-mindedness in accepting this stupid status quo.

It is a high time for COMMON SENSE revolution. If we continue this STUPIDITY, the outcome will always be same. Long Live Peace!


Sheikh Moussa Drammeh



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