Tue. May 21st, 2024

Happy Peace December!

Since 2010, religious leaders from all religions have been dedicating their sermons during the month of December to promoting peace, harmony and peaceful co-habitations of all creatures on this majestic earth. Because one of the greatest forces (positive or negative) on earth is religion, religious leaders have moral obligations to use their pulpits for the benefits of all creation not just catering to a few thirsty hateful belligerent groups.

While New York Peace Coalition does not suggest how religious leaders must conduct their sermons, it is highly recommended all December sermons to address the societal plagues such as, domestic violence, religious/ethnic violence, violence affecting seniors and youth, etc…

Religious leaders who are interested in discussing how they can be more effective in delivering these Peace December Sermons can consult with NYPC. God bless us all!


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