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President Museveni commissioning Fort Samora Machel Training School, the military facility named after the first Mozambique President is located in Nakaseke District on November 10, 2014

Samora Machel, the former president of Botswana who died in a plane clash in 1986 has been remembered through naming a new army training school in Uganda.

The training school was officially opened by the president of Uganda Yoweri Museveni on Nov. 9th.

During his speech, President Yoweri Museveni commended the Special Forces Command (SFC) leadership for taking seriously the issue of building infrastructure for the army.

“I congratulate you for taking the issue of infrastructure development in the army seriously. This is a good spirit of doing things. Yes we were in the bush in the past and can stay anywhere but if you can stay in good conditions, I see no reason why not. You have done it cheaply by being self reliant,” he said.

The president who is also Commander-in-Chief of the Uganda armed forces made the remarks yesterday during the commissioning of the Fort Samora Machel Special Forces Training School in Kaweweta, Nakaseke District. The school which is the first one in Uganda was constructed by the SFC construction team at a cost of USh 430 million. President Museveni commissioned the first phase which comprises of an administration block and dormitories.

He said, “I thank you for constructing the School cheaply and for being self-reliant. I also thank the other branches of UPDF for doing good quality construction in the various barracks.”

He noted that the SFC has done a commendable job at a cost of only Sh 430 million and saved the Government expenses that it would have incurred if it hired private contractors. He called on them to continue with work through the spirit of self-reliance. He pledged the NRM Government’s commitment to fully support the army in its construction projects.

President Museveni commended the SFC for emphasizing training and observed that training is crucial towards achieving the set work goals. He reminded the UPDF Officers and men gathered at the ceremony that when the ADF attacked Bundibugyo in 2007 with a force of 100 men only 13 went back alive in the Democratic Republic of Congo to tell their story of being defeated. He attributed the big achievement to the good training that the UPDF had received.

He said that the culture of training must spread to every unit in order to ensure efficiency. He was pleased with the issue of naming the school after Samora Machel, the late President of Mozambique. He told the UPDF personnel that the late Samora Machel defeated the Portuguese during the liberation struggle that was concluded in 1974. He said that Machel was being remembered as an African revolutionary.

Museveni said the late Machel facilitated the training of 28 Ugandans and prepared them for the liberation of Uganda in the 1970s.

He observed that Kaweweta was a good training ground and congratulated the SFC for building the army infrastructure and for using it.

The Chief of Defence Forces, Gen. Katumba Wamala said that professionalism cannot be realized if we do not train our troops. He said that the SFC had portrayed good leadership and that the UPDF was committed to support the school and enable it to build its own construction capacity. He was pleased with the high quality work done during the construction of the School.

The Commander of SFC Brigadier Muhoozi Kainerugaba saluted the President for liberating Uganda and for his continued leadership and support. He commended the SFC personnel for their hard work, patriotism, and loyalty.

He thanked the CDF for enabling the establishment of the school and revealed that the project was planned back in 2008 and was pleased over the construction work so far attained.

He pledged the SFC’s commitment to be self-reliant in its construction works.

The SFC Construction Team leader Major Emmanuel Odongo revealed that the construction works were launched on the Jan. 14, 2014. He mentioned that his team had completed the administration block and dormitories within the set program.


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