Sat. May 18th, 2024

The government of Uganda has concluded plans to renovate and expand her only international airport- Entebbe International Airport.

Authorities in the east African country have said that they have set aside $180 million to facilitate the expansion of the country’s international airport .

The current airport which is located 41 kms south of Kampala, was constructed during dictator Iddi Amin Dada’s regime in early 1970s. It’s near the shores of the second largest fresh water lake in the world, Lake Victoria.

“The airport requires renovation and expansion because ever since it was constructed in 1970’s no major repairs have been carried out,” said Martin Oketcho, Entebbe airport management official.

Uganda’s minister of works and transport, John Byabangambi said that works are expected to start next year.

“A special team from Uganda government has just returned from China where it had gone for negotiations with the contractor on the details of the works,” he said.

He added on that among what is to be done at the airport is construction of a new terminal building, expansion of vehicles parking yard, establishment of waiting places and check -ins among other modern facilities to meet modern standards and the increasing numbers of those who use it.

“It is going to become a state of art airport.It will be value for money,”said Byabagambi.

He assured Ugandans that the work will not take long, saying,”Within a year works will begin. The work to be done will include constructing a new terminal building, cargo area expansion, and also expansion of car parking area.”

The very first Entebbe airport was first constructed in 1928 by British colonialists. In the 1950s it was expanded due to increasing number of flights.

A new airport was constructed in 1970’s during Iddi Amin’s regime and since then the old one has been used as a military base.

In 1976, Isreal army invaded Entebbe airport because Palestine terrorists were keeping there Jews they had captured in an earoplane flying over France.

They successfully rescued the Jews after destroying MIG fighters at the airport and overpowering Uganda troops on guard.


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