Sat. Mar 2nd, 2024

Golden Krust Caribbean Bakery & Grill during its 25th anniversary year has announced halal patties will be available in the Middle East where there is a large population of Muslims. The process took four years but now Kuwait, Iraq, Saudi Arabia, Qatar, United Arab Emirates, Jordan, Lebanon, and Syria can enjoy the Caribbean franchise’s beef patties.

In an effort to expand worldwide Golden Krust Caribbean Bakery & Grill signed a two year contract with Everest Food, Co. providing the Middle East with a 20 foot shipments of the patties monthly.  These shipments will be dispersed in Military Bases, supermarkets, and other local businesses in the countries. The first shipment of the product passed all criteria with customs when being imported adding to the success of the venture.

“After four years of negotiating, four years of hard work, we have finally penetrated this untouched market. Finally, we have broken into the Middle Eastern market and we know we will do extremely well,” stated  Leroy Hawthorne, GK VP of Retail Sales.

Being able to ship the frozen patties to the Middle Eastern countries was made possible with the partnership of Everest Foods Company, a general trading company specializing in importing and exporting frozen food products. After, a very successful sample launch of the beef patties they’re looking to launch Chicken Patties and Coco Bread in the near future by request.

“Everest Foods Co. has informed GK VP of Retail Sales, Leroy Hawthorne that the response of the sampled Halal Beef Patties was so overwhelming that they are requesting Halal Chicken Patties as well as Coco Bread to be sent on the next shipment to be sampled,” said in a statement.

The Greater New York Chamber of Commerce was very instrumental over the years to make this possible. Making the Jamaican-style patties mainstream food by 2020 is the long-term vision of GK.

“The success of this project brings GK one step closer to fulfilling its’ 2020 vision of making Jamaican-styled patties and Jerk Chicken mainstream food items,” stated Lowell Hawthorne .


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