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IGAD-led multi-stakeholder peace negotiations adjourned on the evening of October 5, 2014.

The talks are expected to resume on October 16, in Addis Ababa.

A statement issued by IGAD today said that the session of talks saw substantial progress in determining the arrangements necessary to implement a Transitional Government of National Unity-TGoNU in South Sudan.

“This session of talks has made substantial progress than any other. The negotiating parties have demonstrated a great deal of political will and seriousness to close gaps on critical issues under discussion. We encourage the stakeholders to continue these positive efforts and to show more flexibility in the spirit of give and take, and compromise.” commented the IGAD special evoys.

Amongst the issues, the participating stakeholders discussed are the System of Governance, Function/Mandate of the TGoNU, Structures of the TGoNU, Size of the Cabinet in the TGoNU, Seat of the TGoNU, Structure and Size of the Legislature, Pre-transitional and Transitional Period,  Decision Making Mechanism in the TGoNU, dispute resolution mechanism in relation to the agreement, and duties and responsibilities of the Executive.

Although a number of agreements have been achieved, the few remaining issues are critical that require the parties at the level of the Principals to make bold decisions to save the lives of the people and the nation without further delay. The people of South Sudan are yearning for peace.

The IGAD Mediators and the International Community at large are urging them to end the war now. The absence of representatives of other Political Parties during this session was harmful to the inclusivity of the process.

The IGAD Leaders, Special Envoy and partners of IGAD, and friends of South Sudan are all calling for an end to the obstacles facing the representation of political parties to the talks. The mediation will continue to engage all competent parties to unlock the impasse and ensure their participation in the upcoming negotiation.

The Mediation expressed its disappointment on the lack of the implementation of the Cessation of Hostilities Agreements and all its implementation.

Fighting erupted in South Sudan on October 5, when rebels led by Riek Machar started fighting government troops. The fighting led to deaths of thousands of people and over one million displaced.


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