Sat. Jul 13th, 2024

Assalamu alaikum warahmatullah.

I sincerely pray for happy, pleasant and perfect performance of all rituals

​(manaasik) ​

of a hajj mabrur (an accepted hajj the reward of which is nothing but Jannah) for those who are performing hajj this year. I also earnestly pray for happy, prosperous and blissful Eid Al-Adhha Mubarak for all.





You may wish to benefit from the attached file and forward the same to others. May Allah (SWT) be pleased with us and all our actions and give us tawfeeq (ability) and hidaya (guidance) for righteous works for humanity. Kind regards. Wohid


Muhammad Wohidul Islam

(LLM, Harvard Law School)

Legal Counsel

Qatar Investment Authority (QIA)

PO Box – 23224, Doha, Qatar


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