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What You Should Know
By Senator Rev. Rubén Díaz
32nd Senatorial District

The Actions of Melissa Mark-Viverito

You should know that here in the United States of America, every citizen has been taught to face the flag and stand at attention with their right hand over their heart when “The Star Spangled Banner” is played or sung, and when the Pledge of Allegiance is recited. Our salute is directed to the flag of the United States.  

This sign of respect is done by any good citizen during public ceremonies when the national anthem is played and the flag is displayed.  People even stand up and honor the national anthems of other countries when their national anthems are played and their flags are displayed.
After reading Tara Palmeri’s article, “Mark-Viverito doesn’t place hand over heart during 9/11 ceremony” in the September 13, 2014 edition of the New York Post, I thought about the American flag that was displayed during New York’s 9/11 Memorial Ceremony, and the national anthem that was sung and nationally televised to honor the more than 3,000 people who lost their lives thirteen years ago in the terrorist attacks on America.  I thought about the hallowed ground where the Twin Towers once stood and where the 9/11 ceremony took place.  

I thought about everyone in attendance, including current and past governors, mayors and elected officials who all placed their hands over their hearts to honor the flag while the national anthem was being sung in memory of the heroes and heroines and victims of 9/11 – everyone, that is, except for the New York City Council Speaker Melissa Mark-Viverito.

You should know that this is not the first time that Melissa Mark-Viverito has behaved in this manner. She has never honored the American flag at any event.  Her IndependentistaParty in Puerto Rico “Partido Independentista Puertorriqueño, PIP” does not believe in American governance of Puerto Rico.  Her Independentista Party adheres to the philosophy to reject America and to do everything to expel the Americanos from Puerto Rico.
You should know, as I have said before, the Independentista Party in Puerto Rico doesn’t like the Americans and they don’t want the Americans to be in Puerto Rico.

I could understand and even respect those Puerto Ricans who have decided to stay in Puerto Rico and from there, fight for the independence of the island. But I cannot understand nor respect those individuals who have abandoned Puerto Rico while claiming to be followers of the Independentista Party in Puerto Rico, and come to this nation in search of the American dollar.

Apparently, the American dollar is bad for the people in Puerto Rico – but it IS good for those who come here hating America but eat, work, make money, participate in and obtain all of those benefits that this great nation offers.

You should know that the fact that New York City Council Speaker Melissa Mark-Viverito – who happens to be Puerto Rican – refused to honor the American flag during the 9/11 Memorial Ceremony is a gross act of disrespect not only to the American people, but also to the more than 3,000 victims of 9/11 and their families, to the heroes and heroines of 9/11, and to us Puerto Ricans who live in, love and respect this nation that has given us so much.

My advice to Melissa Mark-Viverito is that she should know that the biggest message she could send to everyone – especially as an Independentista – is to publicly resign as a Member and Speaker of the New York City Council, and return to Puerto Rico to join all those there who are fighting for the independence of Puerto Rico.  This way, the whole nation will know how honest, truthful and sincere she is to the Independence of Puerto Rico.

Otherwise, as long as Melissa Mark-Viverito continues to have free cars, free chauffeurs, free offices, a big salary, huge stipends and lulus, medical insurance – and ALL of those other benefits paid for by the American dollar here in the USA, she is sending the wrong message.

Ladies and gentlemen, after getting all of those benefits from America, the least she can do is to stand up and show her respect when the American flag is displayed and the national anthem is sung.

This is Senator Rev. Rubén Díaz, and this is what you should know.


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