Sat. Jul 20th, 2024


After holding a debate in August for New York State Assembly in the 79th District the United African Coalition (UAC), a political organization representing the growing African and Muslim community in New York City, has decided unanimously to endorse Michael Blake and his campaign.

“Michael Blake has demonstrated his understanding and cultural competency on issues facing the African community and strongly condemned the recent killings of African livery cab drivers in the Bronx,” said Sheikh Moussa Drammeh, UAC chairman.

“The African community is looking for political leaders who genuinely recognize that immigrant, minority, and hardworking families are a part of their political agenda,” said in UAC press release. “As we vetted candidates in this campaign season, there has been only one leader that continues to speak to the collective interest of the African community- Michael Blake.”

The debate UAC hosted took place Tuesday, Aug 12, which Michael Blake, George Alvarez, and Marsha Michael participated in out of the seven candidates which helped them come to their decision.

“His understanding of legislative policy that needs to be developed, reformed, and even removed for the best interest of the African and immigrant community gives us promise that we will have a leader in Albany fighting for us,” said in statement.

Blake is best known for being on President Barack Obama’s staff, but resigned before his first term was over. While working at the White House he created many initiatives for job creation. He is a Bronx native to Jamaican immigrant parents. Due to this and his long list of other accolades UAC feels very strong about supporting him these few days before the elections take place Tuesday, Sept. 9.

“We are confident that Michael Blake will be a strong political ally in the halls of the New York State Capitol.”

UAC also hosted a debate for District 77 State Assembly race Thursday, Aug 21 and although Latoya Joyner was the only candidate not present they decided to endorse her. The other candidates are Carlton Curry, Sherrise Palomino, and Verdell Mack.


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