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Ramadan is a great time for Muslims and others to come together after sundown to break fast and fellowship. On Wednesday, July 9, New York City Comptroller Scott Stringer spoke at the Muslim Democratic Club of New York for their 2nd Annual Ramadan Iftar.

“The blessed month of Ramadan is an opportunity for Muslims around the world to demonstrate their commitment to these values,” said Stringer.

As he continued to celebrate the Muslim community during his speech, and he promoted diversity in the city.

“It’s also a time when people of all faiths can celebrate the remarkable contributions of Muslims to our city and our country,” said Stringer. “Today, as we break fast and share a meal, we commit once again to cherishing and defending the diversity that makes us strong.”

New York is a unique for the diversity of communities and ethnicities is has, Stringer made mention of this truth. “Today we are a city where every major religion is practiced, which is home to cathedrals, synagogues, and hundreds of mosques, and where we speak 170 languages from over 200 countries.”

Offering his support came with more than an appreciation for New York’s diversity, but a commitment too.

“As comptroller- I’m committed to giving all communities the chance to participate in our finances and share in our great economy,” said Stringer. ” We’re also working to ensure that public and private companies across the nation are committed to respecting diversity and equal opportunity within their ranks.”

Strengthening the core of the city economically essentially strengthens the city and nation, no matter people’s background.

“Our city’s strength is in its diversity- and its people.”




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