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Muslims all over the world have been urged to maintain the good behavior they have been exposing during  Ramadan and avoid to relapse into old bad habits after the holy month.

The advise has been given by Uganda’s Speaker of Parliament, Rebecca Kadaga, while hosting over 300 Muslims at the  annual iftar dinner to break their Ramadan fast at the parliament buildings in Kampala.

In Uganda and other countries Muslims tend to behave very well during the month of Ramadan. They stop all the bad habits they get involved in other days and  help those in need.

However, after the Holy month they tend to go back to their unbecoming behaviors. Some even take alcohol and smoke opium immediately after Ramadan.

Kadaga said,”I urge Muslims to maintain the high standards of conduct after the Ramadan. I have learnt that Ramadan is supposed to make us better people by reflecting on our lives, conduct and attitudes. But after this one month what’s next? I think you owe it to Allah to improve every year and maintain the standards rather than to back slide.”

Speaking at the same function, the rector of Islamic University in Uganda Dr. Ahmed Ssengendo urged Muslims to help the less fortunate during Ramadan.

He said, ”During Ramadan, Muslims reaffirm their commitment to helping the less fortunate including those struggling because of economic hardship and inequality.

He said that the reason why Zakat al-Fitr was imposed on Muslims is that they can give charity to the poor at the end of fasting and they also enjoy.

He also urged Muslims to stay focused even after Ramadan. He said, “‘The pain of feeling so hungry everyday should be a lesson for Muslims to work hard and provide for others who are less fortunate. The economics of social sharing and of common understanding should help us even beyond Ramadan.”


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