Sat. May 18th, 2024



Authorities in Tanzania and Kenya  have stepped up security in all their tourism sites and hotels in the country.

This follows last weekend’s attacks on some hotel and tourism sites in the two east African countries which host thousands of foreign tourists every year mostly from Europe and USA.

In Tanzania, a bomb was blasted in a hotel in Arusha town and several foreign tourists were injured. Some victims had their legs amputated.

“We have ensured that there is adequate security in all our tourism sites and hotels,” said Francis Malobo, a security officer in Tanzania. “We are already holding two suspects for yesterday’s bomb blast.”

In Kenya, a Russian tourist succumbed to gunshot injury in Mombasa on Sunday, moments after she was shot in the forehead.

According to area health official, Dr Hadija Shikeli, the tourist died while in the theatre at Mombasa hospital because a  bullet was lodged in her head. The tourist was reportedly shot while touring a historical site in Mombasa.

Tom Okoth, Mombasa’s deputy police commander said,”we have beefed up security. We are investigating the shooting of the tourist and seriously searching  for the attackers.”

Terrorists with links to Al-Shabab have in the past few weeks stepped up attacks in Kenya. They claim that they are doing so in retaliation of Kenya’s deployment in Somalia.


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