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In most countries all over the world, soccer fans are enjoying watching the on going world cup matches from huge TV screens, especially when they
are in groups in clubs, bars, video halls or open ground.

But in some other countries especially in Africa, soccer fans are scared about watching world cup on television sets in public places over
fears of being killed by ruthless militants who are unleashing their wrath over those watching football on television sets in public places.

The latest attack occurred yesterday in the east African country of Kenya where at least 48 people were killed when suspected Al-Shabab militants
stormed into the Kenya coastal town of Mpeketoni and launched an attack on local bars and hotels where people were watching world cup.

Apart from attacking people watching world cup, they also launched assault on a police station and government offices.

One of the survivors, Richard Oneko said,”I was about to enter into the hotel where I was going to watch a world cup match when the thugs struck. I
hid behind shrubs until when they accomplished their mission and went away.”

He said that he will not go to public places anymore to watch football.

Kenya’s police chief, David Kimaiyo said, “It is a very unfortunate incident.It is an atrocity we would not want to see repeated anywhere else. We suspect the involvement of Al-Shabab in the attack.

That was not the first time for militants to attack and killing people watching football. In Somalia, Al-Shabab militants have often been attacking
people watching football on television.

However, the worst attack was during the 2010 world cup final match when over 70 people were killed in  Uganda by suspected Al-Shabab militants when twin suicide bombs exploded in two clubs where hundreds of people were watching the match on television sets.

”I can not make a mistake of watching world cup in a public place” said Niko Mpala, one of those who survived being bombed in 2010.

Mpala added on, “I was one of those watching the final match when suicide bombers struck .I was among the few survivors. Most of those with whom I was watching the match died. I can therefore never watch football outside  my house.”

After realizing that Al-Shabab can again attack people watching football in public places, Uganda’s President Yoweri Museveni paid $1 million so that the national television could get license to broadcast all world cup matches.

Most Ugandans are now watching the world cup matches in the comfort of their homes.

In Tanzania, people watch the matches in public places but under tight security.

In Nigeria’s Kanu state where the over 200 girls were recently abducted by militants, no one can dare to go to a public place to watch
football. In other states of Nigeria people enthusiastically watch the matches on televisions.

Generally, in Ghana and Nigeria, most soccer fans enjoy watching football at their homes with members of their families. In other
countries where militants are not a threat like South Africa, Malawi, Zimbabwe and others, people are watching world cup both in their homes
and public places without fears of attack.


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