Fri. Jun 21st, 2024
Hundreds of  gays and lesbians are fleeing Uganda claiming that they
can no longer stay in the country where they are being persecuted and
harassed by both the state and fellow citizens.They said that the overzealous police has started breaking into their
houses and even when they do not find them in the act of sodomy, they
frame them so that they pay bribes to be set free.

According to gay’s rights activists in Uganda, the alarming situation of
gays started immediately President Museveni assented to the anti-gay

The program director of ‘Icebreakers Uganda’, Dennis Wamala said,” I
am aware of over a hundred gays that have fled the country. A group of
twenty recently crossed into Kenya where they are currently seeking asylum.”

He said that apart from fleeing to neighboring countries, like Rwanda, Burundi
and Tanzania there are  also those who have managed to get visas and fled to
developed countries.

”Officials at various embassies call us to verify those with intention of  fleeing
the country and we give in the necessary information to assist them get the
visas.” he said.

He condemned police for breaking into houses of those suspected to be
involved in homosexuality.

”Everyday, I and my colleagues are called to police to help those
arrested by police after suspecting them to be gays. Although the law
criminalizes those caught in the act, police even arrests those found
naked in their houses,” he lamented.

He said that apart from being harassed by policemen, they are
also tortured by fellow Ugandans. ”They are evicted from houses by
landlords, they are abused on the streets. At times they are even
assaulted,” he said.

A good number of those who have not yet fled have reportedly gone underground.

The executive director of Sex Minorities Uganda, Frank Mugisha also

confirmed that gays are being harassed and  fleeing the country in big numbers.”Right now gays are in a period of uncertainty.Their  lives are in danger.
Many feel that they can no longer live in Uganda and they seek asylum in
other countries.”

He said that they are now faced with the dilemma of being mistaken
for exaggerating their suffering and have resorted to not report some
of the incidents they encounter to the authorities.

” We no longer report to authorities all incidents of  harassment we
go through. The say we are exaggerating to get sympathy but the truth is
that harassment  is happening,” Mugisha said.

He also blamed political leaders for telling Ugandans to take law in
their hands. He said they have gone to courts of law to challenge the anti -gay act
but are aware that courts in Uganda are slow and such a case may take
several years before it is concluded.

”I am living in hell on earth. I only walk at night in areas where people know me as a gay. I was
evicted from the house I was renting when the landlord learnt that I am gay. I am also planning to flee from Uganda soon,” said Albert Nkuyo, one of the gays.

Police spokesman Fred Enanga promised to deal with the police officers who
illegally arrest those suspected to be gays. He also condemned policemen
who break into suspects’ houses.

” We have not officially received complaints from gays
about being mistreated by police.I advise them to always report to us so that we react,” said Enanga.

He said that according to the law it is only those found in the act of gay-ism who are
supposed to be arrested and prosecuted in courts of law. He wondered whether  after
breaking into the house of suspects  they can be found still in action.


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