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Not My Africa!


The instructive pedagogical nuances embedded in Africa’s oral traditions assert that Africa has informed and inspired the dawn of civilization in diverse regions and cultures throughout the world. While it  is indispensably evident that today’s world civilizations can be traced back to the banks of the river Nile in Egypt, current historical underpinnings are presenting Africa to be the habitat for barbaric fundamentalism and extremism that is sponsored by the enemies of Africa’s rich past, present and future.

In recent memory, Africa has made headlines in sponsored terrorism, human trafficking, corruption and foreign ideologies surrounding religious wars. Notwithstanding the conversations propagating the social media from around the world regarding Africa, Africans in the Diaspora still contend that Africa’s origin still provides a beacon of hope to the fast changing global community and whatever has happened in recent memory, Africans in the Diaspora are saying‘Not My Africa’. Therefore, the response from Africans in the Diaspora has changed the tenor of the conversation in the media and in public; Not My Africa.

FOR THIS REASON, the Africans in the Diaspora, under leadership of the United African Coalition, friends of Africa, and other people of goodwill that have been working in Africa for ages, have submitted this backdrop to condemn the sponsored barbaric fundamentalism and extremism surrounding Africa today.

Should you need more information, please go to www.notmyafrica.or or contact us at: 718-829-2323


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